Wurzbach Icehouse

Looking for the ultimate neighborhood bar?  Look no further than Wurzbach Icehouse.  Conversing with the Great Bartenders and friendly regulars, one can understand why Wurzbach Icehouse is one of the hottest spots on the northwest side of San Antonio.
20150225_183555The convenience of this bar being located close to the intersection of I-10 and Wurzbach makes it an easy happy hour place to hit up on the way home after work.  Typically the happy hour prices don’t exceed $3 a drink and your other fellow drinkers are some of the friendliest in the city.

The bar is designed in a way that makes it easy to socialize with complete strangers.  The bar is a very large island in the center with 4 or 5 tenders covering everybody.  The prime real estate at wurzbach icehouse is the stools around the bar.  With everybody crowding the bar and hovering around, it makes it very easy to spark up a conversation with the stranger next to you.

If sitting at the bar isn’t really your thing there are quite a few other things to keep you entertained.  Pool Tables, Ping Ping Table, Foosball, Arcade basketball, darts, corn-hole, giant jenga, and a punching video game are all available for you to have fun with.  Not to mention the Jukebox which you can control through your phone if you download the app.

There is an outside large open patio surrounding the building with lots of picnic tables.  Also surrounding the Island bar there are dozens of smaller 4 person tables for patrons to sit at.  While at any of these tables you can expect to receive highly attentive service from the waitresses.  Whether you are looking to eat or drink, there is always good service.

On nights and weekends the party definitely revs up and you get a much more lively younger crowd.  In certain areas of the bar it can get shoulder to shoulder however this doesn’t change the effectiveness of the bartenders to service you.  If you go there often many of the bartenders will remember your name and favorite drink.

Wurzbach Icehouse is one of our favorite bars in San Antonio.  Great place to drink, eat, and socialize.

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