Poteet Strawberry Festival

The Poteet Strawberry Festival can easily be considered Fiesta’s adopted child.  While not considered to be an official San Antonio Fiesta event, many San Antonian’s consider this festival to be the opening act to Fiesta.  Great Beer, Great Food, Great South Texas Music, and Great People always result in fun times.

Much like Oysterbake, Strawberries are an underlying feature to this festival.  With that said, the chocolate covered strawberries are to die for.  Here are some of the highlights to the festival


The Festival

Technically speaking the Festival is only held on the fair grounds.  Everything that occurs on the fair grounds is part of the Poteet Strawberry Festival Organization.  The organization is non profit with revenues supporting the local community with scholarships and agricultural funds.  There are several areas to the festival; below are a few of the noticeable ones.

The Carnival

The carnival can be seen from miles away and will be the first thing  you see when driving to Poteet.  Here you will find an elaborate  carnival set up with many rides and carny type foods to choose from.  Being that it is such a huge festival, the carnival is one of the largest you will ever attend.  It’s very possible to get lost in your middle school self and spend your entire day here.  While in the Carnival area you may hear faint sounds of country or tejano music and say to yourself, wheres that coming from?

Concert Area

These concerts are as Texas as they get, outdoors, under a pavilian, beer shacks less than 2 minutes away,  and performers so close you can touch.  The acts are typically extremely popular country or tejano bands who can really get the party going.   In 2014 the headliners will be the likes of Intocable, Randy Rogers Band, David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, Granger Smith, and Erick y Su Grupo Massore.  Click here for Ticket Info.

Stand Vendors

If your interested in rugged type of clothing, these vendors are the place too be.  Here you will find hand made rhinestone leather belts, cowhide purses, cowboy boots, and more.  If you take your wife or girlfriend be prepared to spend a good portion of your time browsing through the merchants.

Food Stands

The non Carnival Food stands will have very unique appealing morsels.  To start off, all your strawberry varieties will be sold in this area. From huge to chocolate to glazes to ordinary, options of all kinds are here.

Aside from the Poteet Strawberries, all your recognizable Fiesta style foods will be here: Gorditas, Fried Oreos, Tripas, Fajitas, and more, all delicious and all filling.

Other Areas

While these areas are not officially considered to be a part of the Strawberry Festival Organization, it is impossible not to notice their popularity.  These other areas are all for profit areas and none of the proceeds go to any of the charity work that the strawberry festival is attached too.

Street Vendors

If your looking for a way to stretch every dollar and still have an awesome time, then the street vendors are the way to go.  No entry fee, no tickets to purchase, just stands selling great food.  A great food stand that comes to mind is brazilian style steak skewers for $4.50, great bargain.  While not recommended, nor legal, it is very common to see people with beers and ice chests in their hands.

The Saloon Concert

There is concert area immediately next door to the festival which typically charges $25 per person to enter and have well known Tejano performers.  Here is Ticket info for 2014, click here.

In Summary

The Poteet Strawberry Festival is a huge South Texas event.  While it can be great fun times, it provides a lot of community support.  Be sure to go with a big appetite, a thirsty mouth, and dancing shoes.


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